Trustworthy Tiny House Builds

When you're looking for a unique space to call your own, contact Hummingbird TINY Housing LLC in Danville, Georgia, to let our team build your home.

Highest quality

We specialize in designing Tiny houses that are just right for you and your family! The best part is our homes are set on wheels for easy traveling. Tiny house mobility is a key aspect of our designs. Transporting your home should be a pleasure as you explore your world. So we design every tiny house with mobility in mind.

That's why every tiny home we build these days is anchored to a specially designed tiny house trailer. Specifically manufactured for your tiny house.

Dependable Builder

Let Hummingbird TINY Housing LLC in Danville, Georgia, be your first choice for Tiny home construction. Using 38 years of experience, we build one-of-a-kind Tiny mobile houses that feature everything from wood floors to retractable porches. Our unique Tiny Homes are the perfect way for you to get the style of home you want without breaking the bank. Come visit our model Tiny homes today to see what we can do for you. Your build is limited to YOUR imagination.

Tiny House Models from Hummingbird

  • Luxury 40 Hummingbird tiny housing
  • Magnolia by Hummingbird tiny housing
  • Royal by Hummingbird tiny housing
  • Cherry Blossom by Hummingbird tiny housing
  • Shells by Hummingbird tiny housing
  • Rosebud tiny house from Hummingbird tiny housing
  • holo holo Hummingbird tiny housing
  • Daisy from Hummingbird Tiny Housing - headed to her forever home
  • Jasmine Tiny House
  • Foxglove Tiny House
  • The Sage from Hummingbird Tiny Housing