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Being one of the first Tiny House builders in the Southeast, Hummingbird has the knowledge and skill to make your Tiny House dream a reality. For over eight years we have delivered one dream at a time to happy tiny house owners all over the country. Let Hummingbird TINY Housing, LLC in Danville, Georgia, be your first choice for Tiny home construction. Using 38 years of experience, we build one-of-a-kind Tiny mobile houses that feature everything from wood floors to retractable porches. Our unique Tiny Homes are the perfect way for you to get the style of home you want without breaking the bank. Come visit our model Tiny homes today to see what we can do for you. Your build is limited to YOUR imagination

We Live Tiny Too!

In 2010 Sage was the first Tiny home we ever designed and built. We put a lot of thought and planning in her design. We built her in our backyard with no kind of shelter from the elements. She is 8.6 wide 22 ft long 13.6 high and has 252 square feet. Once she was complete we set her up on a friend's lake to use as a weekend getaway for us and the family. As the years have gone by and as our business grew we bought property to build a shop on. We moved Sage to the tiny house build site as a office/ lunch room. We found that over time we were not going to the ‘’BIG HOUSE” at night. We thought if we went TINY we could advise our clients on some of the challenges we have encountered and ways that might work better for that situation. So we did just that in 2016 we went tiny full time, we should have done it in 2010. We are also developing a TINY house community on the property that we build on. We live in Danville, Georgia county of Wilkinson we are very TINY HOME friendly.

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