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Hummingbird Tiny House Models

Please have a look at the latest models being created here at Hummingbird Tiny Housing. Each tiny house is built to high standards if the IRC using modern techniques and materials. Our old-school approach to building strong permanent structures is a hallmark of Hummingbird construction methods. Let us know how we can help you build your tiny home today!

Luxury 40

Lux 40 Tiny House’s overall length is 40 feet including a 2 ft. overhang over the front door to give some protection from the elements and 1 ft. on the back, 8.5 ft. wide so it is transportable and 13.4ft. high meets DOT regulations. Click details for more...

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JasmineTiny House has duel stair cases going into each loft, an electric fireplace, built-in seating in living room, u shaped kitchen with additional counter top for an eating area, European style shower and a washer/ dryer combo in the bathroom, around 350 square feet, overall length is 30 foot, 8'.5" ft. wide so it is transportable and 13'4" high meets DOT regulations. Click details for more...

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Magnolia Tiny Home this home is 250 square feet, 24 ft X 805 made from eastern white pine with a natural stain and shutters to match the metal roof color..

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Rosebud Tiny home is 363 square feet, 26 feet long X 8ft.5in. wide made from Eastern White Pine, 2 lofts and 2 full closets with additional storage under the built-in-steps.

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Royal Iris

Royal Iris TINY home is 310 square feet, 26 feet long X 8ft5in wide built from Eastern White pine. This tiny home has a full closet in the bathroom with additional storage, above the cabinets, under the stairs, behind the toilet and above the washer/ dryer combo. Click details for more.

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Foxglove TINY homeThe front entry of Foxglove tiny house has been inset with beautiful 4' X 10' slabs of tile, a matching slab has been installed on the back of this tiny home. Foxglove Tiny House is about 360 sq ft, overall length is 30'X 8'.5" ft. wide so it is transportable and 13'4" high meets DOT regulations. Click details for more.

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Sweet Pea

The Sweet Pea is a custom remodeled Tiny home, we took an unusable design and turned it into a user friendly home with ample storage. It has a custom designed kitchen with tile backsplash, a Coolinary stainless steel sink, pull out cabinetry, spice rack... Click details for more.

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Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Tiny home is 340 square feet, 26 foot X 8ft.5 Modern Rustic style home with board -n- batting Eastern White Pine siding with not one but three sleeping areas.

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Daisy Tiny Home that is 337 square foot home, with a gable roof, accordion window and a down stairs bedroom.

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Sage Tiny Home is a split floor plan with the kitchen on one end the bathroom on the other with living area in the middle and a loft bedroom, 8.6 wide X 22 ft long 13.6 252 square feet.

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Violet Tiny House’s overall length is 30 feet Goose neck trailer with an additional 2 ft. overhang in the 2nd loft to give you more room to stretch out, 8.5 ft. wide so it is transportable and 13.4ft. high meets DOT regulations.

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Tiny House Shells

As with all of Hummingbird TINY Housings homes your foundation is the most important element of the build, that's why all trailers are custom designed and built on metal trailers. We use 2X4 16 on center wood framing, eco friendly roll batting insulation, ½ in 4ply pine wrapped over exterior of framing, windows, advantech subflooring, 4 ply-plywood sheathing, 30lb. felt, 2X4 lap boards, galvanize metal roofing, pex plumbing, and wiring.

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