Tiny House Shells

Tiny House Shells

Welcome to the Shells from Hummingbird Tiny Housing. A great solution for the DIYer looking to add their own signature to their tiny house. Hummingbird Tiny Housing adds the features that give you a head start toward your vision, this is the solution for those looking to save money and take part in the process of creating a home.

Shells Standard Features

As with all of Hummingbird TINY Housings homes your foundation is the most important element of the build, that's why all trailers are custom designed and built on metal trailers. We use 2X4 16 on center wood framing, eco friendly roll batting insulation, ½ in 4ply pine wrapped over exterior of framing, windows, advantech subflooring, 4 ply-plywood sheathing, 30lb. felt, 2X4 lap boards, galvanize metal roofing, pex plumbing, and wiring

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